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We have many high-quality products in Japan.
The goods to make us enjoyable.
The goods to be easy to use because they are made considerably for the user.
The goods to have surprising functions and efficiency.

We are very pleased if we can provide the products to make you satisfied by using them from various angles and viewpoints and a bit interesting ones for the people by means of discovery, explore and creation.

We are thinking that we want to grow with the stance like this.

We will launch our new product in March, 2016.
Now we are preparing that to go on the market.

We will handle from the planning, development, manufacture to the sales thoroughly. At last we will be able to offer this new product to you.

As it has been finished to be comfortable, slightly interesting, we are rather exciting. Please wait a little more until the debut.

We are very happy if a lot of people use them and are satisfied.
JIMWAY Co., Ltd. is looking forward to offering high-quality products to you.
We appreciate your kind co-operation.

President, Ichiro Nagatake


Name of the company: JIMWAY Co., Ltd.
President: Ichiro Nagatake (Mr.)
Head Office: 〒326-0143
1278-4 Hajika-cho, Ashikaga-City,
TEL 81+(0)284-22-7616
FAX 81+(0)284-22-7618
Tokyo Showroom: c/o Tokumitsu Co., Ltd., Tokyo Office
2-24-9 Asakusabashi,Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: 81-(0)3-5809-2020
Overseas Office and
Shanghai Showroom:
Room 1301, #188 East Nandan Road,
Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Tel: 86-21-64282616
Business: Planning, Development, Wholesale, Import and Export etc. of general commodities,
accessories and clothes
Related Company: Tokumitsu Co., Ltd.
Sawayaka Hoken Plan Co., Ltd.

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